A completely natural world map

The Equal Earth Physical Map focuses on the natural world—terrain, rivers and lakes, vegetation, land cover, and the ocean floor—free of obscuring country boundaries. It is a companion piece for the Equal Earth Political Map. Because the map projection is equal-area, continents and oceans are shown at their true sizes relative to each other.

Other features include:

•  It’s free. Download the map and print as many copies as you want.

•  It’s big. The map measures 55” wide x 30.3” tall (1.4 x 0.77 meters). You can print it even larger thanks to the very high resolution.

•  Just enough detail.  The 3,000+ map labels provide geographic context without overwhelming you with too much information.

•  Professional design. With pleasing colors, readable type, and clear visual hierarchies, this is a map that you will want to look at.


Get the map—pick a file type depending on what you need to do

Last update: Version 1.03, July 11, 2019    Change Log


Equal Earth Physical Wall Map

High-quality printing and screen viewing:

RGB JPEG image, 55 x 30.3 inches, 350 DPI, 28.9 MB

Modifying or repurposing the map:

Layered Adobe Illustrator CC file with MAPublisher georeferencing and terrain art, 228.6 MB

Additional terrain files for mapmakers

Color terrain art without type halos:

GeoTIF, 118.2 MB

Gray generalized shaded relief:

GeoTIF, 53.6 MB

Terms of use

The Equal Earth Physical Map is in the public domain. You may use the map any way you like, including modifying the content, reproducing it on any type of media, and selling it for profit. Consider it as yours.

By downloading and using this map you agree that the map author (Tom Patterson) is not legally responsible for any errors that the map may contain. You are solely responsible for all problems that may arise from reuse of the map and its redistribution to third parties. Tom Patterson does not endorse the individuals or organizations that may use the map, nor does he endorse their positions on various issues.

Printing tips

Print the map on a large-format plotter loaded with a paper roll 36-inches wide. This size will leave ample margins around the map for trimming. You can print the map considerably larger or smaller depending on your available wall space. If you don’t have a large-format plotter, bring the downloaded map on a thumb drive to a print shop, or have them download it for you.

Printing on photo satin (semi-gloss) paper with light-fast dyes that resist fading will produce the best results.

Colors can vary greatly depending on the equipment used to print the map. I recommend printing a small sample first as a test before committing to a more expensive full-size print. Users experienced with Adobe Photoshop can lighten, darken, or adjust the map colors as desired.

Contact me

I will periodically update the map. Please let me know about major features to include or any problems that you find.

Enjoy the map!

Tom Patterson Bio


Equal Earth Political Map—get it here

A companion piece for the physical map, this wall map depicts countries, country dependencies, and their capitals. It is free of charge.


A draft of this map underwent a public review. My sincere thanks go out to the dozens of people who found mistakes and provided advice. French translation by the Département de Géomatique du Cégep Limoilou, Québec, Canada. Merci!